We help refugees successfully integrate by educating the community and the refugee and bringing the two groups together via community partnerships to develop, fund and support services that allow refugees to become self-sufficient. These services include:

  • Access to quality healthcare
  • College enrollment
  • Case management
  • Skills-based employment
  • English language training
  • Immigration services

Providing foundations to rebuild lives

We help people get back on their feet and establish new roots by connecting them to necessities like employment, education, and health care. We guide resilient people to recover their financial independence. We mentor them to provide value to the economy with education, job training, and employment connections. We help people reclaim the basic human needs and rights to rebuild their lives. We provide safe homes, gainful employment, and the foundation for a future.


Restoring freedom, dignity & independence

We pave the way for equal opportunity and a full and independent life for all. Our global advocacy shines a light on injustices and sets a universal standard for dignity.