Gift cards to various stores such as, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco, Smith’s,  Allens and other local stores are always welcome. Certificates are ideal because Refugees can purchase on their own

The UCRPC is committed to supporting refugees in Utah County. As a part of that commitment, we provide refugees with the basics they will need to start rebuilding their lives here in Utah Valley.

If you are looking for additional ways to get involved with the Utah Community and Refugee Partnership Center (UCRPC) in Provo, there are various donation opportunities available outside of our regular volunteer opportunities. In-kind donations, in addition to monetary donations, assist refugee families and individuals as they strive to reclaim control of their future and become integrated into Utah Valley. By providing in-kind donations to the UCRPC in Provo, we can ensure that refugees build a firm foundation in the United States.

In addition to in-kind donations, private donations contribute greatly to the success of the UCRPC’s work. To do so please click to the donate online button bellow:

Donate online

Donations in-kind represent approximately 50% of donations received by the UCRPC this year. This includes clothing, hygiene products, and donated professional services. For ideas on in-kind opportunities available please visit or You may also call 801-850-6013 or email to: