Refugee Family Host Network Program

Our Host Network program is simply created to help low-income refugee and resident or willing to reside in Utah County with subsidized housing. The goal is to create a network of volunteer host families who are willing to support refugees in Utah County. These families will provide housing support and friendship for refugee families. This program is not created to dependency but to lift those whose income is at or below 150% FPL

What does a Volunteer Host do and what is the benefit?

A Host is someone who generously willing to financially help or accommodates a destitute refugee, immigrant or asylum seeker in their own home. This is usually in a spare room but in our program, a host volunteer can either choose to live with them help them with rent money. This program gives you an opportunity to serve others and all donations made are 100% IRS Tax deductible.

Please complete our refugee family host form bellow and we will contact you by phone or email

Volunteer Host Application Form

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