Educational Services

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Educational Services

You can lose everything in your life, but no one can take away your knowledge; that’s what makes education so powerful.  Education is one of the greatest values in a community and is the indispensable vehicle by which full integration of refugees into host communities is promoted. It enables refugees to learn English, contribute to their communities and gain cultural understanding.

Educational quality has a strong causal impact on a refugee earnings and economic progress. Ensuring that our refugee communities are well informed and that they have access to the right education and resources are of the highest priority of UCRPC. 

Many refugees come to America having received college level degrees from their home countries. However, the language barrier prevents them from sharing their skills and abilities. That’s why our first step at UCRPC is to help refugees learn English.  Learning English opens the door to endless opportunities. It transforms grids and street signs into navigable roads, unfamiliar events into open invitations, uncertainty into just the right question, a complicated contract into a job opportunity, an isolated parent into a field trip chaperone, and an unacquainted outsider into a friend.





In partnering with The Utah Valley University English as a Second Language Program, Utah Community and Refugee Partnership Center enrolls refugee students who want to learn English and pursue a college degree at UVU. We assist refugee student with:

  • College enrollment process
  • Admissions and financial assistance applications
  • Small scholarships for qualified refugee students
  • After school one on one tutoring
  • Weekend English classes
  • Basic computer classes

The Utah Valley University English & Literature Department offers a wide variety of fascinating and challenging classes in composition, literature, technical writing, and critical theory.

English students engage with texts in multiple ways and at differing levels—reading, analyzing, and discussing literature ranging from the classical to the contemporary. Students will also have the opportunity to produce their own critical and creative work.

The department also offers courses in editing, document design, and technical writing to prepare students to compose in an increasingly visual and technological world.

English courses broaden students’ cultural awareness, deepen and refine their critical thinking abilities, and enhance their skills in written and verbal communication.

To learn more about Utah Valley University English as second language program, click on the link below. 

Help sponsor a refugee’s education today and change a life. Your donation will help refugees pay for tuition, books and other academic necessities while attending English classes or college at Utah Valley University.