Employment Services

Our refugee employment program helps refugees within their first five years in the U.S. to learn job search skills, how secure employment and job connections. Our case managers are well and professionally trained to help and guide refugees through the employment search and job placement process to enable them to quickly earn livable wages and achieve self-sufficiency. Refugees are legally authorized to work in the United States from the day they arrive; no work visas are required

UCRPC’s employment services include assisting clients with resume writing, job searches, applications, and interpretation at interviews. In addition, UCRPC makes referrals to service providers and other non-profit agencies with specialized employment services like resume building, before job interview preparedness, job training and education resources, employment related workshops and services. We also offer skill-building workshops on topics such as career building workshop, financial literacy and employment opportunities for refugee and immigrant teenagers. If you need assistance, please contact us 801.377.2690

Utah Community & Refugee Partnership Center develops working relationships with the refugee community and has a large pool of earnest job seekers seeking employment.  We conduct thorough intake services so we can help match skill-sets with the needs of local area businesses to create a win-win situation for both employee and employer.  We work with all businesses, ranging small businesses seeking one or two employees, to major hiring companies in Utah County.  Contact us today to find out how to begin working with us.

Why Employment?

One of the most important steps to reaching self-sufficiency is gaining meaningful and lasting employment.  For refugees who are new to the U.S., the process of even looking for a job can be daunting.  English language, lack of formal work experience, transportation limitations, and other factors are all obstacles refugees must overcome in order to join the American workforce and build security for themselves and their families.


Our employment Program aims to promote self-sufficiency by helping our clients gain the tools necessary to compete in today’s job market.  The clients we serve come from all corners of the world and our services to the client and employer are completely free.  To refugee clients, we offer intensive employment case management, which includes resume writing, application and interview coaching, job search support, and transportation assistance. Our team also works on creating short and long term career planning for our clients, and offers employment and life skills workshops.

our partners

We have strong relationships with many wonderful employers in Utah County and when a refugee is hired, our team can provide cultural training to both clients and employers, and walk clients through on-the-job training, new-hire orientation, and troubleshooting. We work closely with the business community to share about the advantages of hiring refugees, such as qualification for an employer tax credit.  Our clients have become a consistent source of reliable workers, and not only provide diversity of thought and multilingual skills, but also have high retention rates.

Hire a Refugee

In your business, you strive for economic competitiveness, workforce development and diversity, and a healthy local economy. That’s why hiring a refugee could be the right decision for you.

Utah Community & Refugee Partnership Center matches your vacancies to employees who, like you, are committed to our community, are growing their professional skills, and are working hard for their futures and the futures of their families. Refugees are legally allowed to work in the United States and qualified to pass e-Verify.


What makes refugees the right fit for your business and you should hire them.



Most refugees come in the United States are bilingual and have some international skills that can be beneficial to your company, especially if your in the networking business, hiring refugees increases workplace diversity and demonstrates commitment to corporate citizenship. And finally, refugee are not picky when it comes to salary, hiring a refugee is a win win situation.

At no cost to you, Utah Community & Refugee Partnership Center provides interpretation services for interviews and training. Our employment specialists prepare refugees to enter the workforce ready-to-succeed, and they help answer your questions along the way.