Medical and Health Insurance

Access to health care and Public Health Insurance

This program is a collaborative community partnership program that works to coordinate services such as Charitable Medical Care and Affordable Care Act enrollment. Our case managers are Certified Application Counselors and are well trained to help refugees with their needs.

We are dedicated to improving access to medical care for low-income and uninsured refugees. We accomplish this goal through coordinating a volunteer provider network, providing health education and maximizing existing community resources.

The goal of this program is to educate refugee communities on how to use public health insurance, such as ACA, Medicaid and PCN. We aim to decrease the number of refugees using the ER and improve access to medical care for low-income and uninsured refugees in Utah County by:

  • Providing medical care for low-income people through primary and specialty care doctors,
  • Providing prescription and pharmacy assistance,
  • Helping patients apply for public health insurance through the Marketplace (ACA),
  • Coordinating charity care for services needed by hospitals and labs,
  • Assisting patients in resolving any unexpected bills they receive while eligible for UCRPC services, and
  • Facilitating communication between patients and providers.

Case management is fundamental to changing the way the uninsured understand and access healthcare system and our case managers are professional and certified to assist refugees with the affordable care act application through marketplace, Medicaid, PCN and food stamps application.

Our Medical Case Manager and Interns are responsible for assisting with all aspects of the case worker’s job including making medical appointments, assisting clients in getting to appointments, assisting with monthly workshops, and all related paperwork and administrative tasks. The intern will carry an individual caseload of 5-7 cases at any time and will support all health stabilization efforts for those clients in collaboration with the Medical Case Manager. Please email us if you would like to be considered for an internship.